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A new Dutch broadcaster for jazz and world music: A World of Jazz

thu 23 nov 2023
Theme: Jazz

The Concertzender has the ambitious plan to start a new jazz and world music channel called World of Jazz in early 2024. The best jazz and world music will be broadcast here 24 hours a day. This new channel will also support young musicians by broadcasting concert recordings from all over the Netherlands. World of Jazz will work closely with the Dutch jazz and world music sector: musicians, venues, festivals and music conservatories.


The Netherlands has a thriving jazz scene that deserves a place on the radio. Jazz and music lovers have been yearning for more jazz music on the radio for years. The music world recently asked for it during a demonstration in The Hague.

Sponsoring and crowdfunding
We are asking for the financial help of all jazz and world music lovers to realise this channel, One way that you can help is by becoming a Friend of the Concertzender. A crowdfunding campaign will also start soon on We are also talking to the Dutch National Broadcaster (NPO) about cooperation and are also hoping for support from politicians in The Hague. Financing is needed for the technical implementation, the music programming and to ensure continuity. There is also the ambition to give World of Jazz a place on DAB+. The budget does not need to include salaries for the programme makers.  The Concertzender’s programme makers are all unpaid professionals, all passionate connoisseurs and specialists in their chosen genres.


During the day, the programming of World of Jazz will offer a mix of non-stop jazz and world music: from New Orleans to the present, from Tango to Mambo, from smooth to impro, from African jazz to Latin. In the afternoon we’ll be diving into the archives: the partnerships between the Concertzender and the Dutch Jazz Archive, North Sea Jazz, andd broadcasters such as VPRO, NTR and the Wereldomroep will allow us to exploit their rich archives.

In addition, there is room for in-depth coverage and recent developments with interviews, the latest concert recordings, new releases, news about festivals and other developments in the world of jazz and world music. The focus is on jazz and world music from the Netherlands, young talent, contemporary movements within jazz and world music and concert recordings from all the Dutch venues. There will be live music in the studio, interspersed with interviews.

The World of Jazz channel will be the second channel of the Concertzender. The original channel remains the place where classical, jazz and world music has a stage and where music can be heard that you do not hear anywhere else. The Concertzender already broadcasts a number of jazz programs that other broadcasters had no room for, such as Co Live!, a programme made by Co de Kloet.

Support from the music world

Fleurine Verloop, President of the Professional Association of Improvising Musicians
“The BIMpro is extremely supportive of the Concertzender’s initiative and sincerely hopes that the Concertzender will be adopted by the public sector as a ready-made solution. The NPO has a public responsibility towards the Dutch Jazz and World Music ecosystem.

The Concertzender should be heard linearly, so that musicians trained in the Netherlands have a place to be heard nationwide and thus fill concert halls and clubs. Of course, this also applies to foreign jazz musicians who are on tour here.

The Concertzender is essential to close this gap, as an essential part of Dutch Public Broadcasting.”

Sonja Heimann, World Music Forum
“Good to hear that the Concertzender wants to take up the challenge for a new channel on which both world music & jazz can be heard together. There is currently insufficient attention from other broadcasters for ‘alternative music’. The focus is now predominantly on the mainstream, which is at odds with the rapidly changing demographics. This has to change!”

Mark van Schaik, Classical, jazz and world music genre manager at Buma Cultuur
Jazz, world, contemporary and all their cross-pollinations provide colour, depth and new perspectives in the Dutch music sector. Buma Cultuur therefore attaches great importance to a representative – and therefore diverse – offer on public radio and television of all music written and performed in the Netherlands.

A jazz and world music channel is sorely missed in the current field. That is why Buma Cultuur wholeheartedly welcomes the Concertzender’s initiative.”

Paul Bruger, Publisher Jazzism
“What a great initiative! We wholeheartedly support this at Jazzism. This fills the void that has arisen in the jazz currently available on the radio.”

Bart Suèr, Head of the jazz department, Royal Conservatoire The Hague
I warmly welcome this plan, and of course I will support it, both in a personal capacity and because of my position in the jazz department at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.
I ofthen listen to jazz on Fip (a French channel) and it would be nice if a comparable channel were available in the Netherlands. In my opinion, this channel should involve project-based collaboration with conservatories, venues and festivals and should also use the existing jazz archive as a source of music. Individual ‘grass roots’ contributions from musicians and small organizations should also be included.”