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Chronicle of Dutch Music

sun 29 oct 2023

On Saturday November 25 at 12:00 CET we are broadcasting an  extra episode of our series Chronicle of Dutch Music. The programme presents an audio portrait made by photographer Merel Waagmeester about the creative process of composer Simeon ten Holt (January 24, 1923 – November 25, 2012).

Photographer Merel Waagmeester was asked by Tivoli Vredenburg in 2022 to create an exhibition for their Ten Holt festival day in January this year. This festival formed part of the celebrations of the centenary year of Simeon ten Holt’s birth. One of the letters that Simeon had written to her was the inspiration to create the exhibition using text and sound instead of images. She reads passages from his diaries, extracts from his letters and reflections on his life and work and combines these with sound fragments. The sound fragments include many extracts from his music – particularly the lesser known works. The programme as a whole gives an impression of the creative process used by ten Holt and the way in which he continually explored untrodden territory to create his rich oeuvre.

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