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Concertzender on the cable in Utrecht: 100.9 FM

sat 16 nov 2013

From 13 November, the Concertzender has its own frequency on the cable in Utrecht, 100.9 FM. This is a direct result of the cooperation between RTV Utrecht and the Concertzender.


The Concertzender has been based in Utrecht since the end of 2010 and will continue to be supported by the company Conclusion until August 2014. The Concertzender will also continue to work together with the Vredenburg and other organisations in Utrecht until that date. In this way, the Concertzender operates as the music broadcaster from Utrecht.


Councillor Lintmeijer pleased

Getting our own frequency is important for the Concertzender, it confirms and strengthens our position in Utrecht.


Councillor Lintmeijer agrees: "The Concertzender is a major asset for the city. Utrecht has a rich and varied music culture. Examples are the Festival Oude Muziek, Gaudeamus, the many concerts in the churches and, of course, soon the wonderful new Tivoli/Vredenburg. The Concertzender can play an important role in making these concerts accessible to the people of Utrecht and elsewhere.