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Solta a Franga

sat 22 aug 2015 00:00 hour

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Safri – Mystic Grooves mix – Couscous Grooves & Basmati Breakz.

Mystic Grooves Mix – Couscous Grooves & Basmati Breakz
1. Spy from Cairo – Indian Dope (ft. Ghalia Benali) [Drumspyder Remix]
2. Speed Caravan – Parov Yegar Siroon Var
3. Tres Mundos – Zeina
4. Spy from Cairo – Kurdish Delight
5. Amazigh Kateb – Amral’ Guerba
6. Khaled – Raikoum
7. Lardi Dida – Malkoum
8. G Samra – Kuri Majajin (ft. Ashok Phialvi)
9. Taj-E – Maan Jawani Da
10. Rishi Singh & Coolequal – Soda Whiskey (Thodi Milade Tu)
11. BxP Soundsistema – Lord of The Hansarings (Al Lindrum’s Remix)
12. [dunkelbunt] & Cloud Tissa – Kebab Connection
13. Drumspyder – Desert Samba 2
14. Peter Pozorek – Solesito
15. Giacomo Bondi – Ayoun el Soud
16. DJ Vix – Desi Bonus


DJ Safri is one of the prominent worldgrooves DJs of the Netherlands. He is specialized in the so-called ‘Urban World Music’, a unique musical mix which combines traditional rhythms and melodies from all corners of the world with the hottest contemporary club sounds. The result is an irresistible global meltingpot, the perfect soundtrack for a world without borders that keeps getting smaller!
DJ Safri was at the beginning of ‘Mystic Grooves’, the pioneering eastern dance nights in i.a. Rasa, Melkweg and Tivoli. He furthermore performs on podia, festivals and in clubs and in the entire country, and sometimes abroad.


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