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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 19 sep 2015 18:00 hour
Genre: Free Jazz
Composer: Lindsay Cooper

The English bassoon player and composer Lindsay Cooper (1956-2013). She is closely associated with the British improv scene and the Canterbury rock scene. Recordings in various ensembles from 1986-1993.

Lindsay Cooper
 1. In The Archive 00:40 Henry Cow
 2.  Gretel’s Tale
 03:58 News From Babel
 3. Klein’s Bottle
 03:15 News From Babel   
 4.  Who Will Acuse
 02:38 Lindsay Cooper
 5. The Assassination Waltz 01:40 Lindsay Cooper
 6.  As She Breathes 02:36 Lindsay Cooper
 7. Paulskirche 02:22 Lindsay Cooper
 8. On German Soil 07:22 Trio Trabant
 9.  Le Cadran Bleu 08:02 Lindsay Cooper and Orchestra
10. Extract From Concerto Per Sax Sopranino E Archi 05:22 Lindsay Cooper
11. Wiegenlied
 05:46 Rova
12. Can Of Worms 05:45 Lindsay Cooper
13. Sahara Dust Part 6 06:19 Lindsay Cooper
14. In The Archive 00:40  
Lindsay Cooper
Music For Other Occasions. No Man’s Land 1986  
Oh Moscow. Victo Rec. 1991  
An Angel On A Bridge. Phonogram 1991  
Rarities 1, 2. Recommended Records. 2014  
Sahara Dust. Intakt 1993  
Henry Cow – Western Culture. Recommended Records 1979/2001  
News From Babel – Sirenes and Silences. Recommended Records  
Rova Saxophone Quartet – Bingo. Victo Rec. 1998

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