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Roadburn 2024

thu 21 mar 2024
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On Sunday, March 24th at 9:00 PM, X-Rated will largely focus on Roadburn.

Regular Concertzender listeners know that we annually pay attention to this festival, which traditionally takes place in Tilburg. The festival is a much-attended international festival for ‘heavy’ music. Originally founded as a heavy-metal, hard-rock and hardcore festival, it has now evolved into a wide range of dark, dark and sacred music. And you can listen to music that ranges from overwhelming ‘metal’ eruptions to experimental dark-ambient.

Bob Rusche covers Roadburn extensively in his radio programme every year in X-Rated. But our regular employee Mark van de Voort also writes an extensive report every year about the underground line-up that performed on the stages in Tilburg.

On Sunday, the big man behind Roadburn, Walter Hoeijmakers, will also be in the studio to provide explanations. And of course he will play the necessary music.

Click here through to Roadburn website.

Read here the report about Roadburn 2023.

And click here to the X-Rated broadcast on Sunday 24th March.