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The Art of Electronics on 30 and 31 October

wed 30 oct 2013

The Electronics theme evenings will take place on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 October.

On Wednesday you can hear sound-designer Roland Kuit + special +/- by Ryoji Ikeda and on Thursday you can listen to An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music’ for a period of three hours.


Theme evenings on 30 and 31 October 2013:


Fringes/Edges of Sound

On Wednesday 30 October sound designer  Roland Kuit lets us experience the fringes of sound. When does sound/noise/vibration/tremor  become a composition? Starting with Pierre Henri’s composition ‘Variations pour une porte et un soupir’ of 1963, Kuit kicks the door wide open in order to let us experience some very interesting experiments and  takes us back to the essence of what  vibration is as well. Which applied electronic techniques were ‘ground-breaking’ in the past years? And which sound designers were able to translate their personal conceptions into aesthetically justified compositions?


The world of noise

On Thursday 31 October electronics expert, specialist and DJ Bob Rusche from X-Rated takes us along into the world of noise. To the extreme poles of the sound spectrum and its history. The reason being the 7 part series ‘An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music’, released by the Sub Rosa label.


Both evenings will last from nine p.m. in the evening until twelve p.m. at night. And for the fans a special Facebookpage  has been set up, through which everybody is invited to contribute to the festivities surrounding 100 years of electronic music.